Power BI November 2019 Updates

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop November release has brought great new functionalities. Be sure to remember that preview features need to be enable from File, Options & Settings, Options, Preview Features.

New Ribbon Experience (Preview)

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Decomposition Tree Visual(Preview)

This visualization was asked by the community and now is available in preview. Find it on the Power BI Desktop visuals pane, as shown below.

Visualizations pane highlighting the Decomposition Tree visual icon
Find the new visualization option on the pane

You will find this visualization very useful to analyze a metric, and explain by different fields of your choice. The visual can be navigated dynamically, clicking on the + sign to expand and changing the path clicking with the mouse on the different fields.

Decomposition tree visualization example showing Sales, explained by Status, status explained by product line, product line explained by city
Decomposition tree example

AI Transformations (Preview)

Power Query has a new tab in the Home ribbon

AI Transforms tab options:
text analytics, vision, azure machine learning.

You will be able to apply Text analytics and vision functions on your columns (i.e. sentiment analysis, image recognition), access your Azure Machine Learning models in Power BI Desktop.

When publishing to the service, because these functionalities are only for Premium, be sure to publish the report to a Workspace with Premium capacity, otherwise the text analytics and vision functions can’t be refreshed.

Read more : https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-november-2019-feature-summary/

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