We offer private training for your company to skill up your team. Training your employees helps accelerating implementation and adoption of technology. You are investing in the success of your data projects and ultimately in the data-driven culture. It allows technical teams to implement solutions more efficiently, as well as business users to take full advantage embracing and adopting the technology implemented for decision making.

Training Length

It may vary depending on your requirements: 1-day, 2-days or 3-days.
After we discuss your needs, we make recommendations and you get to choose how many days.

Delivery Mode:

  • On-site: This option is the recommended when possible, we go to your Company.
  • Online: Training is delivered 100% Live and Virtual. This option is good when your team works remote and/or far from your office.
  • Hybrid. Best of the 2 worlds, this option allows those on your team that cannot make it to your office to take the training virtually at the same time with those attending in person.
  • Onsite at our Office in Miami, Florida. You may choose to send your team to our office for the whole training.

Language of your choice:

  • English, Spanish.

The following Courses are currently available to deliver, if you don’t see a topic of your interest, reach out to us:

Power BI for Data Analysis.

Microsoft Power BI is the Market Leader Business analytics service that lets you visualize your data and share insights. It converts data from different sources to build interactive dashboards and Business Intelligence reports. Whether you are seeking to implement Power BI in your Organization or looking to secure and increase adoption, we got your back with our customized training to cover the topics you are more interested in.
By training employees on Power BI, you can empower them to analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions that drive business growth.
CLICK HERE for Power BI Training

Querying Data with SQL

SQL Language is the most widely used language to interact with Relational Databases, no matter which vendor you use, SQL can be used to connect to and interact with any database or datawarehouse system including but not limited to: SQL Server, Oracle, Snowflake, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.
SQL is an Essential Skill when working with Databases, it drives the foundations. Users skilled in SQL, are able to extract and analyze the data in an efficient way while maintaining integrity and consistency of that data.
CLICK HERE for SQL Training

Azure Cloud Fundamentals

Azure is the Cloud offering from Microsoft. As with any of the Clouds available, your company can use Azure Cloud for all your IT needs, as well as a complement and operate in a hybrid mode. Cloud resources provides a competitive advantage for business that are able to implement cutting edge technology right away while minimizing upfront costs and/or paying as you go.
This training is tailored to Technical as well as Business Users.
Maximize business impact for your entire organization. Departments throughout the organization can leverage the power in the cloud!

Ask for Azure Data Fundamentals version.

Microsoft Fabric in a Day

Unified End-to-end Analytics Platform from Microsoft aimed for collaborative teams that includes: Data Integration, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Real Time Analytics.
Fabric is designed to enhance collaboration within a lake-centric, open environment and empowers individuals, teams, and organizations.

Inquiries to training@MagnaDataSolutions.com