As Microsoft Partners, we can help your company get the most out of Microsoft Power BI, Fabric and Azure for your Data Analytics requirements.

The Executive Sales Dashboard is a demo that we have originally built for the Microsoft Partners Solution Showcase portal. You can find all the related material below, watch the video and interact with the report in real time to get a sense of what is possible. We can customize this report for you or build new reports from scratch aligned with your specific needs.
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Executive Sales Dashboard

Executive Sales Dashboard is designed for Executive Management, CEO, CFO, Regional Managers to provide them instant access to a Global view of the Business Sales performance.

Having access to the right information on time is key to make informed decision. Power BI gives you the ability to implement a leading analytics platform that is timely accessible from your desk (computer) or on the go (mobile device) by you or share it across the organization in a friendly manner.

Go to your important meetings to discuss a topic with the support of Power BI interactive dashboards making it easier to deliver your message.

Get a quick glance at how your business is performing globally, throughout the years with a summary for each region and product category. Have the possibility to explore each region and product category in more details.

Compare how the different products are impacting revenue over the years and across each Region. How profit increases or decreases. Identify which products bring more revenue.

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