Power BI Talks Series Episode 01: Power BI Administration

Date(s) - May 5, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



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Power BI Talks Series: Power BI Administration with Benni

Power BI Talk Series are meant to be a space where the featured speaker will cover a short presentation and host a discussion around the topic.
Attendees will have the opportunity to actively engaged and participate.

For our first Talk we welcome Benni De Jagere from Belgium, to discuss what you need to know about Power BI Administration, Tenant Configurations, Licensing, and related.

About Benni De Jagere:
Benni is a Program Manager in the Power BI Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. Aspiring to be top notch in his field, through continuous personal development, on both technical and soft skills. He strives for maximum results in his projects using team play, communication, thinking outside of the box, and (endless) motivation. Benni is always ready to tackle the unknown, or pick up fresh ideas to broaden his range. Building on past experiences, he continuously tries to find new, more efficient ways of obtaining results, and improving the process along the way.
Loving (almost) every day of it, he’s fascinated by the value of data, sometimes flabbergasted by the lack of awareness, and intrigued by the endless possibilities whilst discovering new ways of looking at data. He thrives on unfolding new insights for customers whilst using an open and transparent communication.
On a daily basis he turns (large amounts) of coffee into insights for customers, and references witty British comedy, lame dad jokes, and obscure facts way too often. Overly enthusiastic about anything data related, he’s trying hard to keep up with all things new and shiny.
When not working, blogging or reading, you’ll likely find him out and about being his weird self. Rumour has it that he’s also involved with a ragtag band of data enthusiasts, enjoying themselves whilst organising cool community things.
They go by the name of .. dataMinds!

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